Established 2005
       Old  Cars;  Veteran, Vintage, Pre-War and Classic,  are what we use and abuse in the pursuit of  Feral Sports. Specifically, we like original unrestored, or "reclaimed" cars, that is,  cars repaired only to the point  of making them road legal. Vintage Utes with tattered canvas,  Vintage   tourers   with   rust showing   through  remnant  paintwork,   Veteran "Specials" with interesting transmissions,Classic sports cars bearing the scars of 60 years of  neglect,  old  battered  caravans;  these  are  all  grist to the Feral Sports Car Club mill. And we expect their owners to match the cars.              
     And Feral Sports?  Hard to define, but it does seem to involve a lot of driving on dirt roads  to  reach out of the way pubs, appreciating the fast disappearing ambience of these places,  drinking  real  beer  and  wine around the campfires in some of the most isolated and  beautiful places  in  Australia.   And,  most of all, it involves not taking yourself, the cars, or those around you too bloody seriously.
    We are located in the Central Highlands of Victoria, 60 miles or so from Melbourne, "the sphincter at the arse-end of the world".
    You can contact us at for any comments you'd like to make, or if you'd like to be notified of any web update.