A couple of things occurred recently that got the old grey cells vibrating, and, as I know this site is often watched by various car forums, (or should that be fora?), I thought I might just run it past you.
    I was recently returning home on a nice sunny day in one of the red-plated stable, turned into the drive of the Wolf's Lair, got out to go check the letter box, turned around, and CHRIST! There was this enormous copper standing just there!
    "Shit!" I said, "You scared the living crap out of me, creeping up like that!"
    "May I see your log book, and licence, sir?"  was all he said.
     I duly presented same and off he buggered.
    Not unusual you might think, but it is, in that before the current system came into effect, not only did most coppers not have the foggiest notion of what the permit system was about, but also, if YOU knew the regulations, you could talk you way out of anything. You were entitled to use the vehicle for anything related to a Club event, including planning one, and for "testing". I can remember one of our number returning from a music festival when he was pulled over. There was no gazetted event, and he was 100K from home.
    "Testing." he said.
    "Bit far from home for that, aren't you?" quizzed the copper.
    "I'm chasing an intermittent miss," he said. (And aren't we all.) "Planning a long Club run soon, and I need to find it."
     Can't argue with that really, ticked all the boxes.
    The point is that the current system is readily understood by all, and this brings me to the second thing that occurred.
     I was watching Four Corners the other night on the surveillance state, and the reporter was interviewing a  highway copper. The car was fitted with cameras that automatically recorded number plates of all cars going past it, in both directions, and sent them to a central searcheable data base. The cameras were also infa-red enabled, and so could work at night, in all conditions, and at 6 images a second, so nothing really can get past them.
    As the copper was talking to the reporter, the central screen monitor of the pursuit car beeped, the copper looked inside and said. "It's just telling me that the car that just went past has to be treated with some caution, as it was at the scene of an outlaw motorcycle gang funeral two months ago."
     This brings me to the red plates. The technology is there, right now, to trace you permit useage, and if they haven't done it yet, then in the future it's a dead cert that they will.
     In the future, you may be pulled over, the copper will take your log book and will compare the entirety of your useage with the data that they have, and god help you if there is a discrepancy.
     "According to our records, you used this car on the 3rd of April, last year, but there is no entry in the book. Can you explain that, sir?"
     The answer is really quite simple : never drive your car without entering your details in the book, even if it's only just down the road to your mates place. Remember, if you haven't got enough days, then you haven't got enough cars.