G'day Punters!
               Mustav hit a nerve somewhere cause quite a few punters from various parts of the globe have gathered the crayons and sent us a bit of feedback:
      First: The anguished crie de coeur from a fellow Ozwaller I have put in a category of its own in Car Clubs Behaving Badly. Like in the Middle East, the only way to treat autocrats is to be quietly revolting, might lose a bit of skin along the way, but it's worth it.

Just a shortie to let ya all know how much I enjoy reading about your misadventures. Got 3 old pieces myself, but all the other old car owners I know would take a bath in shit rather than get their prize pieces dirty.
Plus we dont have the endless tracts going damn near nowhere that you blokes do
So carry on,mate--best wishes to ALL the Ferals foe 2011!!

Herb Kephart, in S.E.Pennsylvania, USA
    Second, a disturbing comment on the hidden coprophilous tendencies of the Yankey Polishers!
I always suspected as much. No wonder most of them appear so coprostatic!
Younzza (The Wolf?),
I am a Grundge Monkey from the US of A and I think your site and what you do is the cat's rectum. Keep up the good,
     Another little dropping from The Land Of The Free.....? I must say that the mix of images called up by Mr Hennsbutt is disturbing, even for the hardened souls of the
         But I sorta get your drift George. Please don't tell me you're a chicken farmer with pet cats.
Hiu Yorick
The Xmas do looks real good and you guys and girls seem to have fun wiith your club not like the Vintage Drivers Club or the OAMC.
 Do the cops bother you as you guys n gals on the net seem always seem to enjoy a drop.
Hey the 90day permit system in the traveling will be a bit easier.
The old system was easier to go out in we used to make our own runs
using the computer to print out where we were going.
Keep up the good work on the site,
You are always up to date with what you are doing.
We might catch up one day!
 Bye. Mary
       A long time reader of our drivel, Mary, who goes by the monica of Flyinmouse, raises a pertinent question: to whit, do the Ferals enjoy a drop or maybe more? And further more, what is the attitude of the Boys In Blue to this matter? Alas, since the Blue Boys seldom travel the same roads as we do, we've never actually had a chance to ask them. I have however observed them at rest, and few of them appear to be Rechabites.
     If this whole "being an American" thing doesn't work out for me, I'd consider applying to become an Aussie if it didn't appear that you had to be tanked three-quarters of the time. Keep those old beauties rollin"!
      Following the bunging onto the YouTube of the Hup Launch, the following comment was forwarded by a Mr IDFK303, which even I, with a monica of The Wolf, consider passing strange. He writes:
     Ah, Mr IDFK303, we are no longer talking about patriotism to your country, but rather about percentages of perceived inebriation. I reckon we should have a drink and discuss it.
      But we keep the best till last. And this from Mr Jeff Rigby.
Dear Ferals,
I have just discovered your existence while looking for the Paddle steamer " Henry Charles" on the net. I'm fascinated  by your activities and enjoy your videos immensely. I love the idea of old cars getting out there and really doing things in an unrestored but workable condition, driven fearlessly  by people who can obviously fix anything, anywhere given the right amount of grog........... My only question is, are these things really registered??!

I am an artist and amongst other things have an interest in old vehicles and sometimes paint and draw them, examples of which you see below. This is not my main stream work but represents some light relief when things get to me and so it is really just for me, pure fun.  Initially I wanted to paint old abandoned cars, preferably pre 1955 or so but I realise that there aren't too many out there now, at least where they can be easily seen as I imagine the collectors have got to them.  However, there are heaps of old trucks which have been the main subjects so far. I always travel with my eyes peeled for such things. There is something about the fact that most of them will never run again, but then, you never know. someone might come along................you never know,there could be more life after all.
While I would like to be, I am not a car collector as, unfortunately, I have neither the money, the mechanical aptitude or the space for such things but  I suppose my answer to that is to paint and draw them. I think my interest has stemmed from the fact that I remember, with great affection, my Dad's 1934 Buick and have always been very conscious that it succeeded the great love of his life, a 1929, 633 Packard Roadster, which I unfortunately dont remember.  In fact, as a kind of hobby, I have been trying to track  the Packard down for many years, but the trail is too cold now. In the process though, I have seen an identical one, the only one I know of ( there are a number of the" Big" 8s around ) and the owner, in a supremely generous moment, let me drive it, which was  an almost religious experience.......

So, more power to you, I love your work, I shall look forward to further Feral doings.
Best wishes
Jeff Rigby
     The images on the right are of paintings by Jeff, and, from top to bottom, are: Buick from Bilpin, 1934 Bedford, Dodge at Yarramundie, and the beautiful Dodge Bus at Tibbooburra.
     Ya gotta give it to him, the boy has soul!
    Drop us a line if you feel the itch,
    The Wolf.