Mr Mario Cattapan
Manager, Registration and Licensing
Business Practices (Development)

Dear Sir,
             We the undersigned members of The Feral Sports Car Club, Inc, wish to make a comment on proposals for rules for modified vehicles on the Club Permit Scheme. We have read the notes to this proposal as issued by the AOMC, and have many serious concerns.
       Under the proposed rules we feel that two historically important groups of vehicles would be catastrophically impacted.
     Firstly, the Farm Ute of the 1920's and 1930's, which was the backbone of Australian life on the farm would be destroyed. They were typically ex-tourer bodies, modified by the farmer into a ute. They were quintessentially Australian, and led the style to be adopted by the USA after it became popular in Australia. As modified vehicles, they could not pass the VS8/VSB14 test which is designed for steel intergrated bodies. They would be banished from our roads.
     Secondly, the Australian Special, and in fact any coachbuilt car of the pre-war era. They were often cars where for various reasons, the original body was discarded, and a special body built to the owner's design, or they may have been coachbuilt from new, not by any factory, but by coachbuilders. A special instance of this is the historically significant Bean "Overlander" built from an ex-tourer by Francis Birtles, who was the first to drive from London to Melbourne. The car is in a museum now, but under your proposed rules could never see the road again, as would thousands of coachbuilt specials for the same reason: that they could not pass a test for which they were not designed.
     We strongly urge you to adopt the AOMC suggested guidelines which are sensitive to the design and construction standards of  pre-1949 cars.
    We are not a member of either the Federation or of the AOMC, but feel that the Federation, which opposed the current CPS from the start, is prejudiced against it. We feel that the AOMC more closely reflects our views.

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