The  Squatter's Frolic
     Yandoit and Tim the Squatter thought it about time we had a bit of a frolic around Sutton Grange, and some several of us agreed, and thus we gathered at a local reservoir.
    The usual suspects were there, the Crossley Faction of Yandoit and the Squatter, the Mauler's Dodge, Arfur's A, Deaf John's Stupidbaker, Bendigo Bob's Buick, and, making its first appearance the Wolf's 46 Hudson Staff Car.
     Off we went to the base of Mount Alexander for a timed hill-climb.
    Each car was started at set intervals, and the Squatter noted down the time of arrival....simple. On the raw figures the Hudson was the fastest, but Feral matters are rarely that simple.
       After a protest, the event was won by the Mauler in the Dodge, despite being the slowest car on raw figures.
     This was because he received a discount for being the oldest car, a discount for towing a trailer, a discount for bravery in taking a Dodge up a mountain with the sure knowledge of having to get it down again, a discount for having 4 people in the car, a discount for being height challenged, and a large penalty discount for nearly being forced off the road by a representative car of an imperialist power.
     For this, he was awarded the prize of a bottle of rough red leg-opener, and the "covetted" A Model Axle Trophy, shown below. The rest of us breathed a sigh of relief.
     After that we tootled off to view a local waterfall, shown (right) behind young Riley, who had come along for the ride, and an unknown wandering vagrant who may, or may not, have been with us. No-one fessed up.
   Along the way, Arfur made a concerted effort to lose the Mauler, which was only partially successful. Kept on saying, "He knows the way there, he's been there before."
   Then it was off to the Squatter's shearing shed for a BBQ and pissup. All good fun.
Walmer Mud Frolic
       Greg The Hotrodder has a nice little paddock near Maldon which can get a tad slippery when wet. Every year he invites his reprobate mates along for a bit of slippin'n'slidin and other anti-social behaviour. The neighbours complain about the noise and the coppers cruise up the dirt lane but can't do much except mutter stuff.
      I just can't see what they have got to complain about; the cars are perfectly respectable, as you can see from the pic on the right, why, it's even got a windscreen, and there's plenty of tread on that front tyre.
     A couple of these Gassers were there, and they threw up a fair bit of mud as can be seen from the car, below, which was parked just beside the paddock.
     We had a bit of a tool around in the Brickie's Nash and survived the experience.
    Others, like Hitler's Revenge on the left, had a minor issue with a tree, and some others suffered more terminal problems.
    Alongside the mud paddock, Greg has a dirt drag track which was also popular.
    The weather was wintry, which was not surprising, as it was indeed winter. After a BBQ we warmed bits of ourselves against a very large bonfire while the rain came down.
     We kept our spirits up by keeping our spirits up, and later in the evening were entertained by a competition between a back tyre and a chain tethering a gasser onto a steel floored trailer. There was no doubt in anyone's mind but that the tyre come off second best. What was surprising was that it did not blow. Could not have been far off it.
       Shall definately go again next year, and with a few more cars
       This annual gala, or, more probably, galah occasion had a bit more urgency this year compared to past, as there had been a danger that the ancient pile would pass out of Feral hands.
      The food was good, the band was great, and everyone behaved appropriately. The pictures tell their own story. Belle of the Ball was Deaf Joan, pictured at the start of this page, with a close second being Mrs Smack-Brown who was reputed to have been Christopher Pyne's wet-nurse. Explains a lot of things really.