Early July, I had the pleasure of receiving the following email, supposedly from Arfer. Well it came from his email address, so what else could it be, but a missive from the man?
(It remains our policy to keep real names off the site, to protect the guilty.)

Richard F....... daytrap@hotmail.com
Jul 3 (12 days ago)

to undisclosed recipients

I really did not want to disturb you with this but I had no one else to turn to. I'm in Barcelona, Spain to see my cousin (Lisa) who is a missionary there, she's suffering from a critical uterine fibroid and must undergo a hysterectomy surgery to save her life, the news of her illness arrived to me as an emergency she is going through a lot of pain at the moment and the doctors have advised that it is necessary that the tumor is operated soon to avoid any complications. I need a loan of 2,500Euros to make the necessary arrangement. I traveled with little money due to the short time I had to prepare for this trip and never expected things to be the way it is right now. If you can help, please let me know to provide you with the details to get the money to me.

I will check my email every 30 minutes for your reply


    Instant reaction that this was a scam, followed up by a call to Arfer to ascertain that his email address had been hi-jacked. What to do? Reply with abuse, or play for time, to see where it would get us?

     The most telling thing was that Arfer called himself many things, as did we all, but Richard????? No way, Matey! So I replied:

Jul 3 (12 days ago)

to Richard
Crikey Rick,
How can I help? Can you send me some more details?
Cheers Wolfie

Dropped the ball there a bit, but the Spaniard did not notice. He replied soon after:

Richard F...... daytrap@hotmail.com
Jul 4 (11 days ago)
Hello wolfy,

Thank you so much for your response to my email I am very grateful,
regarding how to get the funds to me please kindly go to any western
union outlet and send the funds to my name and address

* Name: Richard F..........
* ZIP Code: 08007
* City: Barcelona
* Spain

E-mail me the transfer details that will be given to you at Western
Union office after you have made the transfer.I promise to refund it
back to you as soon as I get back home.

Notice how the English has slipped, and Spanglish has come to the fore. Notice also, that he does not pay attention to detail. All to the good. So tried a little gambit:

Jul 4 (11 days ago)

to Richard
Hello Richard,
     It's pretty hard for me to get to a Western Union branch. There must be someone there that you can trust with a bank or visa account that I can transfer money into directly. That would be much more convenient, and much quicker.

Meanwhile, Arfer was onto Western Union, Microsoft who run Hotmail, and the Austalian Government Scam unit, all of which were totally useless, especially Western Union, who did not give a rat's arse.

Richard F....... daytrap@hotmail.com
Jul 4 (11 days ago)

 Hello Wolfie  thanks  but,  Western Union is  more quicker for me here, and secondly i don't really trust  this people here, can you just try and get to western union branch the one closer to you, am waiting thanks

The Spanglish is getting stronger, and so is his confidence. With Arfer's bad news about any bastard collering the prick, it's time to play games. At least he's noticed the name, so reassuring!

From: Wolfie <ozcyberwolf@gmail.com>
To: Richard F........... <daytrap@hotmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 7:17 AM
Subject: Re: urgently

     What a pity, but as you know with my disability, it is impossible for me to travel the two hours to the nearest WU office. Surely Lisa has some people she can trust. You know my circumstances, and know that the 2500 euros is nothing to me, but travelling two hours is impossible.

    Ah! Reminds me of a little song:
                                            Money, money, money,
                                            Must be funny,
                                            In a rich man's world.
    Knew this would rev him up.

On 05/07/2012, at 1:03 AM, Richard F......... <daytrap@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Ok Wolfie, thanks for your prompt response. Please kindly send the money to me through  www.westernunion.com online to me. Once your done with transfer, email me the transfer details.

    Thank you and i wait to receive the detail from you soon

rom: Wolfie <ozcyberwolf@gmail.com>
To: Richard F
Sent: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 9:15 PM
Subject: Re: urgently

Ok, that's what I'll do then. It might have to wait a couple of days though, as I am waiting for a term deposit to mature.
By the way, is your lovely wife Agnetha with you at this sad time, or is she with her family in Stockholm?
Give my regards to poor Lisa, who I don't think i've met.
    Arfer's partner is small dark, and of Italian heritage. Just a test for the Spaniard, which he passed with flying colours.

On 05/07/2012, at 5:24 PM, Richard F...... <daytrap@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Yes she is, don't worry when Lisa recover am bringing her to see you, Wolfie like how many days are looking at, from date? Agnetha send her regards,hope to hear from you soon

The Spanglish is so strong that I almost need subtitles, but it is a relief that a member of ABBA sends her regards.

Subject: Re: urgently
From: ozcyberwolf@gmail.com
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 14:47:40 +1000
To: daytrap@hotmail.com

Sorry for being so slow to reply, but my old medical condition resurfaced, and I had to see my proctologist Keith Logan. As you know, the man's a genius, such soft hands.
But, enough of my problems, they are not as serious a Lisa's. The money should be in my hands by next Friday.
Just as a thought, you've no doubt tried Agnetha's parents Anni and Benny, they might be able to get funds to you more quickly. Or even try her brother Bjorn, although he is very hard to get hold of, as you know.
Keep up the faith.

     Well, I thought that since this Spaniard was such a pain in the freckle, it might be time to call in a specialist. Must admit that naming the rest of the band, in one sentence, was a bit risky. And I did not hear from him for days. Had scepticism triumphed over greed?
On 09/07/2012, at 8:26 PM, Richard F........ <daytrap@hotmail.com> wrote:

>  Wolfie
> Thanks so much for your contribution, as the of matter of fact  the amount for the  operation was 7,500 Euros but i have able to raise 5,000Euros as  deposit the really need the balance before any operation comments please am still hoping on you
> Thanks
> Richard

Hello Richard,
As I have said, my term deposit comes due on Friday, after which I will have spare funds.
How is Lisa? In which hospital in Barcelona is she being cared for? We have great concern for her.
I am glad that you have been able to raise the money that you have, though I would have given you more, if you had wanted it.
My medical condition is not great and I fear I shall have to visit my proctologist, Dr Logan Keith, soon, for another session.

AH! So reassurring, but will he notice that Dr Keith Logan has turned arsey-versy and become Dr Logan Keith?
On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 12:12 AM, Richard F..... <daytrap@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Hello Wolfie
    Am Glad to hear form you again,
    Am sorry to hear about your health i pray nothing serious happen to you, your health is more than wealth  , please don't joke with it please, kindly visit your Proctologist, Dr Logan Keith as you mention earlier, for a session for you okay, As for Lisa she's still trying waiting  patiently depends on the hospital balance to be paid, before the date of Operation, but for the main time she is taking drugs to keep her, she 's still in the hospital,Please i hope to get the  details from you soon
   Ah! The strangled Spanglish, and the saccarine concern! Almost brought a tear to the Wolverine eye. I hope I let him down gently. I think I'll miss him.

Subject: Re: urgently- Thank you!!
To: Richard F...... <daytrap@hotmail.com>

Thank you Richard for your kind words. It's really great to have caring friends like you, as Lisa knows. And you are absolutely right about health and wealth.
Pass on my regards to the lovely Agnetha, as well as her extended family Bjorn, Bennie and Anni. I'm sure they are as concerned about poor Lisa as you are.
I got onto the Western Union site today, and sent the appropriate amount of money. Just print off the attached document, take it along to them, and they will give you what you need.
With fond regards,
Your Friend, Wolfie

The Document