Notalot happens in Winter. Some punters track off to sunnier climes, others just hibernate. So, to liven things up a bit, The Robbo decided it would be a good idea to have a Ball at the Bluestone Ruin and invite a few folks around.
     The theme was to be the 1920's, punters were encouraged to dress for the occasion, and to bring their cars. Ferals, and associates, were to receive first dibs, and then local punters would fill in the numbers to about 50. In the end 60 - 70 turned up, and it was declared "a good thing".
    Most pleasing was to see a large contingent from our Brothers at the C.U.N.T.S turn up, some travelling in the front of the car, and the rest in the caravan. The tarp on the top appears to be for weather protection, but is actually structural. Smack's J Van also came, both driver and car powered by cane sugar, or its derivatives.
   It was an even greater pleasure to see Brother Keith from the M.A.D.F.U.C.Kers come all the way to the pissup from Mildura. Things were discussed which will bear fruit in the next update.
   A lot of punters, apart from Bull, turned up in 1940's cars towing caravans, which is also "a good thing".
           A number of cars made their debut, or their second outing, at this ball, and they are most worthy of note.
     Young Tuki's International truck, which featured so spectacularly at the recent Splash (see Oldcrap) was there, in all its glory, though still searching for some decent brakes. Fortunately its all back roads from the Trout Farm to the Bluestone, though further afield forays may be a challenge.
     Also there was Kenny's lovely 1925 Dodge Ute, which he sorta bought because it was there at the right price, not because he necessarily wanted it. There's a bit of that going around.
     He was actually chasing parts for another car, and had tracked some down when the old bloke who had them  said that the Dodge (not going, and in bits) was for sale at some ridiculous price. Kenny took it home, and in a very short time it was indeed going. Just goes to show what you can pick up when you are not really trying.
     Also there was Kenny's 1929 Chrysler touring car, which again he picked up for peanuts. As mentioned in a previous update, the body was complete, but dismantled, in that every bit of wood of the frame was taken apart and stored. This saved the car, as it has absolutely no rot, and is totally original wood, hens' teeth are more common than this!
    This is the car he will take to Tibooburra for the upcoming Rodeo. He apparently been busy with the bag-needle and sewn a top for the car.
     Parked right next to him was a new arrival on the scene, a 1929 Pontiac Sedan in totally original condition. The condition of the body rivals the Brickie's Nash. The doors have no sag, all the interiors are original, (and that means unrestored original, not tarted up), and the doors close with a lovely "click".
     The car is owned by a mate of Kenny's, Chewy, who hails from Echuca way. Chewy is in the early stages of forming an allied club up there, not being impressed by the local control freaks, and we wish him all the luck, and shall help him anyway we can, and shall, off course welcome him on Frolics as we do all brother clubs.
     The Brickie's superb 1929 Dual Ignition Nash was there (again, have a look at Old Crap to see the story of this wonderful car). It's being fettled up, as are all of our cars for the daunting trip to Cameron's Corner and Tibooburra.
     And finally, the Hobbit's Essex, The Suitcase, made a showing under its own steam. This car has had a longer gestation time than an elephant. The engine was supposedly "done up" by some clown in Maldon and died. Then a second engine was "revived" by The Hobbit, and everything painstakingly tested and trialed, and it seems that it will go with us on the Tibooburra frolic.
     Parked next to the Wolf's Huddo, The Suitcase shows the strong design similarities between Hudson and Essex. Let's hope they do not share the same liking for coming home on a Total-Care truck.
     There were lots of other cars there as well, too many to mention, and it was a pisser of a pissup. The food was good, the band was excellent, and everyone had far too much to drink, but most camped there, so it didn't matter.
     I've made a page with a few pics of people and stuff, and you can click
HERE to see them.
More New Cars
     The Hobbit, and Helen The Hup seem intent on cornering the market on Essex because no sooner has The Suitcase hit the tarmac, than they have gone out and bought a 1929 Essex Touring car. This is a little pearler!
     The body is 100% original, even to the extent of having the original tool-kit under the floor. There are details on this car that I have never seen on other cars. There is the original engine heater box, which is usually the first thing that is disgarded. There is even the original triangular sign (with seperate light) warning Dodge owners that the car in front has 4 Wheel Brakes!
     Hood, hood-bows, seats, etc, its all there. The guages are all clean- faced, and there is no rust (apart from superficial surface stuff). The usual hotspots at the base of the scuttle and around the wheel-arches are completely rust-free.
     And if that were not enough, the mad bastards have got the bones of another 29 Tourer sitting ouside. Some people just don't know when to quit!